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Bach Village Monaghan Farm

Bach Village, situated within the serene landscape of Monaghan Farm, supports the ideals of farm living in a residential estate. The team at REIS have designed a series of modular houses that can be uniquely adapted to 38 stands to create homes suited to the individual needs of each home owner.  Each home will be nestled into the landscape, surrounded by wild Highveld grasses and indigenous trees offering privacy and serenity within a modern and sophisticated architectural form. 

The prototype show-house has been completed and features an energy efficient, water based underfloor heating system, double glazing, insulated cavity walls, solar geysers and other high performance energy saving materials and systems.

Monaghan Farm 104.1

A contemporary family home nestled into the serene landscape of Monaghan Farm by REIS Architecture, Interiors & Furniture.

Large double glazed stow-away doors open the indoor living areas of this spacious yet discrete single storey house to the undulating grasslands of the highveld.

Monaghan Farm 230

Almost complete, Stand 230 at Monaghan Farm was designed as a lightweight steel house, allowing for quick construction and crisp edges.

The residence nestles itself into the landscape and frames the breathtaking views of the surrounding estate.

Have a look through the images to see the transformation of a steel shell to a nearly completed home.  


Due for final completion late 2019.

Monaghan Farm 15

Progress at Stand 15, Monaghan Farm.

A voluminous open-plan living area and a low-profile steel framed covered patio frame expansive views towards the Magaliesburg mountains. 


A span of mono-pitch roofs with exposed laminated timber rafters and clerestory windows allows filtered, natural light into the living area while the low-profile patio roof provides shade for the living area that opens out into the wide open garden.  The house includes double glazed stack-away patio doors and windows, solar geysers and an underground rain-water tank, all within a modest budget, but not a low standard.


This new modern farm-style residence will be completed mid 2019.

Monaghan Farm 233

Resting gently on the serene landscape of Monaghan Farm this family home features a butterfly roof, floating bedroom boxes and grounded natural stone walls.

This luxurious home has a boutique hotel-like guest suite, one-of-a-kind circular steam room, 4 deluxe north-facing bedrooms, and an impressive butterfly roof over an open-plan living area allowing the voluminous family gathering space to open out towards a covered patio, with a cascading rim-flow pool overlooking the expansive views towards the Magaliesberg.  The interiors and kitchen has been designed by the team at REIS with the aim of achieving perfect harmony between the interior spaces and the crisp, clean forms of the structure.

Under construction. Expected completion: with completion set for early 2020.

Monaghan Farm 21

The new family residence on Stand 21 at Monaghan Farm takes the idea of modern farm living to new heights. The large volume of the living area is accentuated using fin walls standing tall above the flat roofs and vertical slot glass panels. 


The house consists of 3 segments, each intersected with glass panels between the north and south - allowing the landscape to flow through the house. 


Crisp edges and linear dynamics are created through the use of effiecient structural steel.


This large family home consists of two lounges, two dining areas, an open kitchen and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk in closets.

Expected completion date: mid 2020.

Monaghan Farm 214-4

Stand 214-4 is a recently completed family residence at Monaghan Farm. Framed views and floating roofs make the house seem light and open.


This understated yet elegant house is set into the undulating landscape of the highveld and consists of three north facing bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, a study, TV lounge and large open-plan living area which all opens out to a generous covered patio and pool deck. 


Views of the Magaliesberg mountains can be enjoyed from the pool, sunken fire pit and patio lounge.

The home is equipped with an underground rainwater harvesting tank, solar geysers, double glazing, insulated cavity walls and other energy saving materials and systems as well as an integrated emergency power system to keep the house functional during load-shedding.

Monaghan Farm 82

A concept design for a private residence at Monaghan Farm. Large floor to ceiling windows in all bedrooms and living areas allow for exceptional views of the surrounding landscape.



Steel Framed Conservatory

A steel framed structure atop of an existing building, this glass enclosed bar and chill-out lounge is accompanied by views of the surrounding Sandton cityscape skyline. 

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